Harmony, Hope, & Healing

We provide music and equine programs to children in need. In the past, our Harmony Hope music education program was able to lift the spirits of children battling cancer. Each week a child received a private music lesson in their home which gave them a positive focus during a difficult time. 


Today, we have expanded to help more children in need and have added equine assisted learning as well as music therapy to our organization. Currently, we are helping kids with Autism and ADHD through our Harmony and Horses program. Children enrolled receive 30 minutes of music education or music therapy with a board certified music therapist. Participants also receive 45 minutes of equine assisted learning with our Equine Specialist in Mental Health Learning who is certified through PATH, The Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship. 


​We are proud to announce our newest program, Stable Moments, is now serving foster and adopted children that have suffered from trauma, abuse, and neglect. Healing with horses can be extremely powerful. The unique relationship found between client and horse often leads to an overall sense of well being and can be effective in treating depression, PTSD, anxiety, and more!


To learn more please view our programs page within our website. 

Help support our mission. Download our newly released song, "20/20 Vision" or "My Happy Place" and make a donation to help a child in need! 


T: 772-341-9499

E: info@hhstables.org