Harmony & Horses

Summer Camp

Our Harmony & Horses summer camp program will be held at Equine Rescue Adoption Foundation in Palm City, FL.  A portion of the proceeds will be dontated to help rescue horses and children in need. The program will be taught by our PATH instructor and songwriter, Kristi Huddleston.


Outside in the arena participants will learn how to safely halter and walk a horse through obstacles from courses they get to help plan and design. Each student will also have the opportunity to ride in the saddle as well as spend time inside the round pen learning natural horsemanship training techniques.  Under a covered wash rack, they will learn how to fully groom horses, give them a bath, and place braids in their mane!


Inside the air conditioned community center, groups will rotate from equine education stations, music and horse related arts and craft tables, music therapy, and song circles. Each will have the opportunity to learn the lyrics and sing along to our theme song, "My Happy Place."


Parents/ Caretakers will be invited on Friday to our "Harmony and Horses" awards show.  Students will demonstrate what they have learned throughout the camp and awards will be given for skills they have mastered!


Help support our mission. Download our newly released song, "20/20 Vision" or "My Happy Place" and make a donation to help a child in need! 


T: 772-341-9499

E: info@hhstables.org