Music and  theMini's 

 Music & Equine Therapy with

 Melody and Harmony 

Bring your group to Harmony Hope Stables to experience a very powerful music/equine therapy session! Participants will be able to create music with various instruments such as rain shakers and drums. 


Our mini horses, Melody and Harmony are grazing in the circle while music is being created. They're calm and caring temperament allows for hands on petting, hugging, and even mane braiding for individuals wanting to interact with horses. 


This group is led by Liz Lung a board certified music therapist with CATPB and Kristi Huddleston, our Equine Specialist in Mental Health Learning, certified through PATH (Professional Assoc. of Therapeutic Horsemanship)

Help support our mission. Download our newly released song, "20/20 Vision" or "My Happy Place" and make a donation to help a child in need! 


T: 772-341-9499